8 Reasons We Admire Reese Witherspoon

  1. She’s a triple threat – actor, producer, entrepreneur – and an Academy Award winner for Walk the Line.
  1. She’s proactively making her own way after realizing she had been waiting for others to offer her good parts (and she wasn’t happy with the parts she was seeing).
  1. And she’s not only helping herself – she’s actively working to raise the profile of other women in Hollywood. Her goal is to promote women in movies with stories that are inclusive and women-focused.
  1. She’s an avid reader which has led to her optioning books such as Wild, Gone Girl, and Big Little Lies and turning them into movies and limited series.
  1. Further channeling her love of reading, she’s started a book club that can be found at https://www.facebook.com/ReesesBookClubxHelloSunshine/
  1. She started and runs her own production company and the success of several of its projects, including Gone Girl and Big Little Lies, has further increased her currency in Hollywood, as an actor and producer.
  1. She’s one of the original contributors to Time’s Up, the movement that puts the spotlight on sexual harassment in a variety of work environments and helps those who need related legal support.
  1. Six of the last seven movies she’s appeared in have scored 6.5 or higher and the scores of her movies keep rising as she focuses on projects in which women are well-represented on screen…


Wrinkle in Time – 9.5
Home Again – 8.5
Big Little Lies – 8
Hot Pursuit – 9
Inherent Vice – 3.5
The Good Lie – 6.5
Wild – 7

…and behind the camera. As a producer, she’s three for three working on movies that met our minimum criteria for recommendation:

Big Little Lies – 8
Gone Girl – 5
Wild – 7