New to Streaming

The Baby-Sitters Club - 8.5
Stateless - 7.5
Love, Victor - 6
Warrior Nun - 5.5
Hanna - 4
The Family Business - 2.5

New Movies

Desparados - 8.5
Homewrecker - 5.5
The Truth - 4.5
Elvis from Outer Space - 4
Mighty Oak - 3.5
Hamilton - 2.5

New on Television

P-Valley - 8
Search Party - 7
The Chi - 6.5
Greenleaf - 6
Doom Patrol - 4.5
Black Monday - 4.5
Perry Mason - 3

PictureParity Ratings

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Go to movies with a score of 5.5 or higher in the theater, on opening weekend, on Friday night then show your support on social media. 

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Why Are We Doing This?

PictureParity's goal is gender equity in movies and television shows. We champion female artists by offering a ratings system for movies and television shows to help you make informed choices when using your entertainment purchasing power. By supporting this media, together we can ensure that women’s stories hold an increasingly important place in our cultural narrative.

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