About Us

Our Story

We’ve always loved watching movies and television. In early 2016, we began to learn more about the gender issues in media and we wanted to do our part to support gender parity. As we began to do our research, though, we realized that the existing solutions weren’t geared towards the average consumer.

We thought, “People want to make decisions that align with their values. They just need more information to do so.”

So, we set out to get that information to other viewers who want to support and drive change in entertainment. Our solution came from politics: if voters use voting guides from sources they trust, perhaps consumers could use a guide to support female-driven media. We developed a 10-point rating system focused on the representation of women behind and in front of the camera that indicates whether we recommend viewers see a movie or watch a show.

Today, creating informed consumers continues to drive our work. As consumers, we make a statement each time we choose to watch something - let’s use that power to upend the industry.


Our Values

1. We are consumers serving consumers
We are consumers, and we believe in the power of consumers. You don’t have to be in the industry to create change, and we aim to empower consumers to do just that.

2. We democratize industry information
By getting information to consumers, we create a critical, empowered consumer base that will push entertainment forward.

3. We use an intersection approach
Equality for some at the expense of others is not true equality. We want to support all women, and that means checking our bias and educating ourselves on experiences that may be different from our own.

4. We promote female creators
There are already female creators out there producing content. We use our platform to drive support for these creators and other female-driven media.

5. We continue to research and learn, and check our own assumptions about the industry
The issues aren’t stagnant and neither are we. We continue to research and learn, and we encourage all consumers to do the same.

Meet the Team

Susan Brown

Founder and Executive Director

Susan received her Masters in Library and Information Science from UCLA. She loves to watch television and movies featuring strong women and is working into turning that passion into a force for good.

Sara Zollner

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Sara is a recent law school graduate. When she was an undergraduate Feminist Studies major she decided to take concrete steps towards improving the gender disparity in media today.