We Need More Women Behind the Camera

A female production team results in:
More women on screen
More leading female characters
More characters from underrepresented groups
More complex and strong depictions of women

How does this look in practice?

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Those behind the camera have the power to influence how a story gets told, how much screen time women get, and how they are portrayed. Because we’re influenced by what we see on screen, it’s important that stories are being told authentically — by those closest to the actual experience.

As consumers, we control what we watch and support with our time and money.
So, check before you watch. Determine who holds the director, showrunner, writer, and producer roles.
Watch titles led by women. Show that you support these titles, that they matter, and will have an audience
Critically consume any title you watch. Do you notice a difference between titles led by women and those led by men?