PictureParity rates movies and television shows using our proprietary 10-point system.

The 10-Point System Splits out into Four Categories

  1. The presence of women in lead roles behind the camera – we focus on directors, showrunners, writers, and producers (4.5 points)
  2. The diversity of women in the director and showrunner roles behind the camera – we focus on racial diversity and LGBTQ representation (1 point)
  3. The presence of women in lead roles in front of the camera – we consider who has top billing and how many women fill top roles (2.5 points)
  4. The diversity of women in front of the camera as a representation of all women - we consider racial diversity, LGBTQ representation, and lead roles for women over 40 (2 points)

How We Rate

We rate movies and shows before they’re released so you can make decisions about what to go see at the theater and what to watch on television and streaming services. We update ratings as additional information is available.

Our ratings criteria are based on quantitative information we gather from a variety of sources. These criteria include who is behind the camera, who is listed as lead actor, and the make-up of the actors on screen.

What We Recommend

Movies and television shows that score 5.5 and above

How to Find What We Recommend

Find all titles we’ve rated using the search feature on our home page. If what you're looking for is not available, please email us with titles you'd like to see a score for and we'll rate them.

Ratings Not Reviews

Our ratings do not represent the overall quality of a movie or show. A title may receive a high PictureParity rating and not be considered a great or even good movie or show. Check out your favorite review sites to learn more about whether you would enjoy something.