Intimacy Coordinators 101

We’ve watched some STEAMY shows lately and wondered how *those* scenes are shot. See Normal People, Bridgerton, and I May Destroy You, among others. Intimacy coordinators are used to create and facilitate these scenes for a realistic look and the safety of actors.

Intimacy Coordinators:
Are professionals who work on film and TV sets to facilitate scenes involving simulated sex between actors

Choreograph intimate actions, helping actors learn appropriate skills required to perform what’s scripted, similar to choreographing stunts and fight scenes

May also: act as liaisons between actors and crew; work on intimacy/nudity riders in contracts; and help to limit the “male gaze” on set

Are more common since #MeToo, but there’s still push back from creative leaders who are leery of change and loss of control

May get appropriate and targeted training and certification. SAG-AFTRA has released on-set safety standards and guidelines