8 Reasons We Admire Tina Fey

  1. She’s a multi-multi-hyphenate – TV and movie writer, actor, and producer, comedian, awards show host, author, and Broadway musical writer.
  2. Her shows rate high on the Picture Parity scale. The shows she’s been involved in as writer, actor and/or producer all rate well: 30 Rock – 7.5, Great News – 9.5, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – 8.
  3. Her movies rate also high on the Picture Parity scale. The movies she’s written and/or produced as well as acted in have also scored well: Mean Girls – 5, Sisters – 6.5, and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – 6.5
  4. Her book best-selling book, Bossypants, started the current trend of essay-format memoirs by comedians and other entertainers. In it she turns “bossy” into a positive claiming that “Being bossy means you’re getting stuff done.”
  5. She has a separate career with Amy Poehler. The two worked together early in their comedy careers in improv and on SNL. More recently they’ve made movies together including Baby Mama and Sisters and the upcoming Wine Country. And, they’ve co-hosted the Golden Globes three times to great success.
  6. She’s branched out to Broadway adapting her still-popular aughts movie, Means Girls, to musical theater and bringing the term fetch to a new audience.
  7. She credits women for the success she’s had and says “my whole life is just ride-or-die bitches as far as the eye can see.” (Variety Power of Women Luncheon April — 2018)
  8. Because women helped her, she makes an effort to hire women and create opportunities for others and she’s committed to true diversity in the writers’ room and not tokenism.