8 Reasons We Admire Shonda Rhimes

  1. She’s been leading by example in creating TV shows that feature women’s stories in front of the screen and women in powerful positions behind the camera.
  2. Almost all the television shows she’s been an executive producer for have scored higher than 7 – her average show score is nearly an 8.5.
  3. She doesn’t just feature women in front of and behind the screen – she features women of color prominently in her productions.
  4. She wrote a NYT bestselling book, Year of Yes, which pushes people to remove the limits they put on themselves, and followed it up with a popular TED Talk – check it out here!
  5. Her shows are leading the way for equitable pay in television – Ellen Pompeo recently received a raise equal to her prominence in front of and behind the camera.
  6. She’s not just limited to expanding opportunities in television – she first rose to prominence for her work on the films Crossroads and Princess Diaries, both of which are stories about the lives of women.
  7. She started and owns her own production company, Shondaland, making her one of the few women to do so and one of even fewer women to have mainstream success.
  8. She is moving to Netflix! As we’ve found, streaming shows tend to score better than those on cable TV. We’re excited to see how this impacts her already great Picture Parity score.