8 Reasons We Admire Jane Fonda

  1. She says things like “I’m not old, I’m perennial” and that sums what’s to follow.
  2. She’s eighty years old and defying Hollywood stereotypes that women over a certain age can only be cast in one type of role – grandmother. She is part of a group of vibrant women (including her costars in the upcoming, Book Club) starring in diverse roles including love interest and sexual partner.
  3. Flipping ageism, the love interests cast opposite her in Book Club and her television show Grace and Frankie are 12 and 18 years younger than her, respectively.
  4. Despite the talk to love interests, both of her latest projects, Book Club and Grace and Frankie, are focused on female friendship.
  5. Her career has spanned 60 years and counting and she’s appeared in numerous iconic movies including Barefoot in the Park, Klute, Barbarella, Nine to Five, Coming Home, and On Golden Pond. For her work, she’s been awarded two academy awards, three Golden Globes, and an Emmy, so far.
  6. She was an exercise icon during the “Let’s Get Physical” era, popularizing aerobics, selling millions of books and videos, and building and running a business empire.
  7. She’s been a life-long activist active in political as well as feminist issues. She’s a co-founder (along with Gloria Steinem!) of the Women’s Media Center which is working to raise the stature of women in media and ensuring their stories get told. She’s also active in Times Up, a movement against sexual harassment.
  8. She’s active in charitable activities, starting several charities including the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential and the Jane Fonda Center at Emory University focused on youth, education, and reproductive health.