Picture Parity Ratings

The Picture Parity team reviews each movie and television show using a 10 point system to develop the ratings. Our criteria were developed in response to other tests out there that don’t go far enough in measuring whether a movie celebrates women or puts them in the usual limited boxes.

The 10 point system splits out into three categories:

  1. How many women are in lead roles behind the camera
  2. How well the diversity of women in front of the camera represents all women
  3. How women are depicted in their on-screen roles

We recommend you show support for movies that score 5 and above and television shows that score 7 and above. Ratings are subject to change upon new information.

Please note, though this rating system has some qualitative aspects to it, the score does not represent the overall quality of a movie. A movie can receive a high rating here and not be a great a movie or be a great movie and not score highly. Check out your favorite movie and television review sites to learn more about whether you would enjoy something!

Go see it anyway! We’ll add this note when a movie or television show doesn’t score well but despite that we think it’s worthy of support due to a strong female component.

We're working on searchable ratings. In the meantime, please email us with titles you'd like to see a score for and we'll let you know what we have.


Everything Sucks! - 7
Greenhouse Academy - 7.5
The Looming Tower - 2
Mozart in the Jungle - 7
The Oath - 4.5
Rita - 7.5
Seven Seconds - 9
Sneaky Pete - 4.5


7 Days in Entebbe - 2
Black Panther - 3
Flower - 4.5
Gringo - 4
I Can Only Imagine - 4
The Leisure Seeker - 5
Red Sparrow - 5.5
The Strangers: Prey at Night - 4.5
A Wrinkle in Time - 9.5


For the People - 9
Instinct - 3.5
Life Sentence - 7.5
Mary Kills People - 9.5
Rise - 7
Riverdale - 8
The Royals - 7
Timeless - 7.5