Our Mission

Picture Parity champions female artists by offering a ratings system for movies and television shows to help you make informed choices when using your entertainment purchasing power. By supporting this media, together we can ensure that women’s stories hold an increasingly important place in our cultural narrative.

We’re working towards more parity in the entertainment industry in these ways:

  • We rate movies and television shows to indicate how well women are represented in front of and behind the camera

  • We show you how to support high scorers in the theaters and at home

  • We spread the word about which movies and shows to support and encourage you to do the same through your networks

  • We plan to disrupt the industry at the beginning of the process when decisions are made by studios about what types of movies and shows to produce

Meet the Team

Susan Brown

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Susan received her Masters in Library Sciences from UCLA. She loves to watch movies and television and wanted to turn that passion into a force for good.

Sara Zollner

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Sara is a college senior and as a Feminist Studies major, she wanted to take concrete steps towards improving the gender disparity in media today.

Next Steps...

Get started supporting higher rated movies and television shows and support them on social media.